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Great Lakes Copper

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Great Lakes Copper Ltd. serves the plumbing, refrigeration, OEM, media, air conditioning and specialty markets with a wide range of products.

Great Lakes Copper located in London, Ontario, partnered with AUX Energy and PowerFlex (EDF Renewables) on a 3MW 4-hour Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The battery is hosted behind-the-meter at the London, Ontario plant.

The BESS was deployed to reduce Global Adjustment charges, a form of demand charges, and takes advantage of energy arbitrage as a form of further costs savings. The BESS utilizes market services in Ontario to drive more value in the form of Demand Response and Operating Reserve.

Project summary

System Owner
AUX Energy / PowerFlex
Project Location
London, Ontario, Canada

System Nameplate
4,000 kW DC

System Energy
12,000 kWh

Installation Type
Standalone BESS
Commercial Operation Date
December 2021
Transaction Type
Shared Savings Model

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