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AUX Energy:
The Power of Potential.

We are AUX Energy

AUX Energy is a behind-the-meter energy company pushing boundaries to re-imagine auxiliary energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers in Ontario. Backed by industry expertise, our tailored innovative energy solutions drive Ontario’s economy, offering reliable, sustainable, and affordable Distributed Energy Resource solutions, to help businesses thrive.

AUX Battery Storage | AUX Fleet Charging | AUX Energy Management

AUX Battery Storage

At peak performance times, you’re also peaking your energy spend. Energy storage will give your business increased savings and boost the overall return on your investment. By predicting peak demand hours, we can help you shift your load to battery storage to reduce your usage. Savings that are critical to moving your business forward.

The AUX Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) allows for seamless energy transfer from the grid, eliminating any impact or disruption to your day-to-day operations. Cost savings are then passed on to you with our Shared Saving Agreement.

AUX Fleet Charging

The Federal government has a target set for zero-emission vehicle sales of 20% by 2030 and 100% by 2040. Achieving these ambitious goals will require companies and municipalities in Ontario to begin investing today in the electrification of their fleets.

AUX Fleet Charging leverages its deep understanding of the energy sector and extensive experience with electric vehicle charging in Ontario to develop customized, reliable, and affordable solutions to help you achieve your targets.

AUX Energy Management

AUX Energy offers tailored Energy Management Services for behind-the-meter electricity operations and maintenance to help you manage your daily operations. We’ll partner with you to leverage your existing assets to improve your productivity and reduce your energy costs.

More reasons to choose AUX:

Flexible and affordable financing solutions

Our team of trusted advisors help you select the best energy product to purchase and then install and operate, all while providing flexibility on financing terms and enhancing return on your investment. Interest is wrapped into a predictable monthly or quarterly payment.

Future proof

AUX protects your investment by partnering with trusted technology companies; adapting to your needs as technology continues to evolve. AUX experts diligently follow the evolving energy landscape and act as your ongoing partner to flag potential risks and advise on alternatives to save you time and money.

Deep knowledge of the energy sector

AUX Energy combines the experience of the largest transmission and distribution network in Ontario with a proven track record of existing battery storage and EV charging projects. AUX has partnered with the leading companies in the sector and will integrate the best suite of product offerings to meet your business needs.

Turnkey offerings

AUX Energy will meet with you to design a customized solution and facilitate all interactions with electrical and gas utilities, the Ministry of Environment, and your local municipality for permits and licenses. We take care of the details, like purchasing and installing your equipment, so you can continue to focus on your operations. You approve and AUX does the work.

Reliable energy management

Even minor outages can cause major revenue loss and can be a risk to your operations.  AUX’s Battery Energy Storage System ensures uninterrupted, high-quality power to keep your business moving forward. AUX customers enjoy centralized Energy Management Systems for all behind-the-meter assets.

Connect with an AUX Energy representative to learn more about the best energy solution for your business.

Where you’ll find us

You’ll find AUX in Ontario businesses that require reliable, uninterrupted power and the drive to grow.

Some of the industries we service:

DATA Centres & Telecoms
Fire & Police
Food Manufacturing
Indigenous Communities

Utilities & Power Generators
Colleges & Universities
Cold Storage


AUX Energy provides alternative power solutions that promote reliable service, cost savings and help businesses thrive in Ontario.

AUX in action


Georgia-Pacific is one of the world’s leading makers of tissue, pulp, packaging, building products and related chemicals.

Great Lakes Copper

Great Lakes Copper Ltd. serves the plumbing, refrigeration, OEM, medical, air conditioning and specialty markets with a wide range of products.

The company we keep

AUX Energy is a wholly-owned Hydro One Limited company.    

Hydro One Limited, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is Ontario’s largest electricity transmission and distribution provider. They also own Acronym Solutions Inc., an Information Communications and Technology company, and jointly own Ivy Charging Network, one of Ontario’s largest EV charging networks with Ontario Power Generation.